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Do you work with whole-body cryo in practice or are you planning to do so? Optimize your clinical decision to trigger the best results in a safe way for your athletes, clients or patients, now. Learn all about applying whole-body cryo in practice via this online-accredited course (advanced level).

  • Obtain a specified overview of all indications and domains

  • Gain insights in the physiological principles and working mechanisms

  • Get specific guidelines for a safe and effective treatment

  • Acquire an overview of the most recent research findings

  • Increase your business by proper solution suggestions

Become a certified whole-body cryo expert

NATA continuing education credits available as well

Reviewed by our experts in the field

Your learning objectives

At the conclusion of this whole-body cryo advanced course you should be able to:

  • explain the physiological principles and appraise the research findings.

  • evaluate the evidence-based findings to optimize the best-practice solutions.

  • consider the critical environmental- and personal factors for maximizing safety, effectiveness and standardization.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • 1. General introduction

    • Before we begin...

    • Script Chapter 1_Introduction

  • 2

    The art of whole-body cryo

    • 2.1 The concept of cold and heat

    • 2.2 Evidence based practice and the physical laws

    • 2.3 Positioning whole-body cryo in practice

    • Knowledge check chapter 2

    • Script Chapter 2_The art of whole-body cryo

  • 3

    How does it work?

    • 3.1 General principle and effects

    • Knowledge check chapter 3.1

    • 3.2 Effect elements

    • 3.3 Indications for sports, medical and vitality/beauty domain

    • Knowledge check chapter 3.2 and 3.3

    • CM_3.2: Indications per domain

    • Script Chapter 3_How does it work

  • 4

    Improving safety

    • 4. Safety and whole-body cryo exposure

    • Knowlegde check chapter 4

    • CM 4.1_Contraindications and precautions whole-body cryo

    • Script Chapter 4_Improving Safety

  • 5

    The practical application of whole-body cryo

    • 5.1 Techology and outcomes

    • Knowledge check chapter 5.1

    • 5.2 Considerations for the protocol-1: duration and temperature

    • 5.2 Considerations for the protocol-2: cycle and frequency

    • Knowledge check chapter 5.2

    • CM_5.2: Best protocol settings suggestions

    • CM_5.2 Cryogenics conference 2018 Abstract

    • 5.3 Improving the efficacy-1: objective, body compostion and gender

    • 5.3 Improving the efficacy-2: Training status, age and skin type

    • Knowledge check chapter 5.3

    • 5.4 Getting the buy-inn of your client

    • Knowledge check chapter 5.4

    • Script Chapter 5_The practical application of WBC

  • 6

    Clinical decision making

    • 6.1 Optimally implementing WBC in practice

    • 6.2 Examples of clinical reasoning (cases)

    • 6.3 Final remarks part 1

    • Clinical decision in own practice

    • Script Chapter 6_Clinical decision making

  • 7

    Exam: Becoming a whole-body cryo operator

    • Quiz becoming a certified whole-body cryo operator

  • 8

    Isolated working mechanisms and effects

    • 8.1 Isolated working mechanisms

    • Knowledge check chapter 8.1

    • 8.2 Effect on skin-, core- and muscle temperature

    • 8.3 General physiology

    • Knowledge check chapters 8.2 and 8.3

    • Script Chapter 8_Isolated working mechanisms and effects

  • 9

    What does the research tell us?

    • 9.1.1 Sports domain: before actvity

    • 9.1.2 Sports domain: after activity

    • 9.1.3 Sports domain: musculoskeletal disorders

    • Knowledge check chapter 9.1

    • 9.2.1 Medical domain: Rheumatoid arthritis, atopic dermatitis, ankylosis spondylitis and multiple sclerosis

    • 9.2.2 Medical domain: Osteoporosis, fibromyalgia,depression and alzheimer

    • 9.3 Vitality/ Beauty domain

    • Knowledge check chapter 9.2/ 9.3

    • Script Chapter 9_What does the research tell us

  • 10

    Exam: Becoming a certified whole-body cryo expert

    • Quiz becoming a certified whole-body cryo expert

  • 11

    Bonus Material

    • Whole-body cryo versus Cold-water immersion

    • CM_bonus lesson whole-body cryo vs CWI

    • CM_Bonus lesson script and references

Become a certified whole-body cryo expert

Start the course and become part of the whole-body cryo community. Finish chapters 1 to 9 and become a certified whole-body cryo expert. Get advanced insights into physiology and existing research. Pass the exam (chapter 10) and receive your Continuing Education Units from the National Athletic Trainer Association (NATA).

What our clients say

"Very impressed"

Rob Swire (Head Physio Manchester United 1999-2014)

The website is very professional and well presented, as well as the course content. The information is comprehensive. I'm very impressed.

"Individualized approach"

Alessandro Schoenmaker (physical trainer AFC AJAX)

This course bridges the gap between scientific evidence and practice routines. Our biggest goal as a performance coach has been to find the best method to speed up recovery and improve rehab; by taking the individualized approach, as taught in this course, ProCcare takes a step ahead.

"New insights on safety and optimization"

Etienne Verstegen (KRC Gent Jeugd)

Thank you ProCcare Team for the interesting course on whole body cryo which gave me new insights on safety and optimization of this recovery modality. The network coupled to the course with other colleagues from elite football clubs is a great supplement.

"Elevates my knowledge"

Bart Bibrowicz (Strength and Conditioning Coach, China table tennis association)

Great course with great content. This Whole Body Cryo course is unique and elevates my knowledge to the level I aim for in my work with elite Chinese athletes. The quizzes in between the videos make sure you capture the essentials of each lesson.