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Do you work with whole body cryo in practice or are you planning to do so? Optimize your clinical decision to trigger the best results in a safe way for your athletes, clients or patients, now. Learn all about applying whole body cryo in practice via this online-accredited course.

  • Obtain a global overview of all indications and domains

  • Gain insights in general principles and working mechanisms

  • Get guidelines for a safe and effective exposure

  • Acquire an overview of the most recent research findings

  • Increase your business by proper solution suggestions

Learn all about artofcryo® in practice and become personally certified

  • Part 1- Operator Course

    This first part of the course focuses on the physiological principles, the indications, symptoms of adverse events, the right protocol settings, factors that have a significant impact on the outcome, and guidelines about how to help your client more optimally.

  • artofcryo® certification

    The first part of the course is finished with a short, no-pressure exam of 10 questions (retakes allowed). When scoring eight or more out of 10, you will receive your certificate and become a certified artofcryo® operator! You also will automatically receive a link for the second part of the course.

  • Part 2- Get an even better understanding

    In the case you want to take in one step further, you can continue with part -2. One chapter is specifically about physiology and in-depth working mechanisms, and one chapter clarifies the research findings that support the claims around the benefits for whole-body cryo.

artofcryo® course curriculum- part 1

The first part consist of 7 chapters (total time: 2,5 hours) and contains video's, written materials, references, an easy to use portal and your personal certification.

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • 1. General introduction

    • Before we begin...

    • Script chapter 1

  • 2

    The art of whole body cryo

    • 2.1. The concept of cold and heat

    • 2.2. Positioning whole-body cryo in practice

    • Knowledge check chapter 2

    • Script Chapter 2

  • 3

    How does it work?

    • 3.1. General principle and effects

    • Knowledge check chapter 3.1.

    • 3.2. Effect elements

    • 3.3. Indications for the different domains

    • Knowledge check chapter 3.2. and 3.3.

    • CM_3.3_Overview of the indications for each domain

    • Script chapter 3

  • 4

    Improving safety

    • 4.1. Safety and whole-body cryo exposure

    • Knowledge check chapter 4

    • CM_4.1_Contraindications and precautions WBC

    • Script chapter 4

  • 5

    The practical application of whole body cryo

    • 5.1. Technology and outcomes

    • Knowledge check chapter 5.1.

    • 5.2. Considerations for the protocol-1

    • 5.3. Considerations for the protocol-2

    • Knowledge check chapter 5.2/5.3

    • CM_5.2_Best protocol settings and suggested treatment cycles for most common indications

    • 5.4. Improving efficacy -1

    • 5.5. Improving efficacy -2

    • Knowledge check chapter 5.4/5.5

    • 5.6. Getting the buy-inn off your client

    • Knowledge check 5.6

    • Script Chapter 5

  • 6

    Optimally integerating whole body cryo

    • 6.1. Optimally implementing WBC in practice

    • 6.2. Cases from practice (clinical reasoning)

    • Review your own case

    • Script Chapter 6

  • 7

    Becoming a certified artofcryo® operator

    • Take the Quiz and receive your personal certification

Your learning objectives

At the conclusion of this artofcryo® operator course you should be able to:

  • explain the general principles and working mechanisms.

  • apply the general guidelines for a safe and more effective treatment.

  • develop proper tailor-made solutions to increase your business.

Become a certified artofcryo® operator

and get your access to part-2 for an even deeper understanding

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Become a certified artofcryo® operator

Learn how to apply whole body cryo, in a safe and tailor-made manner

Upon completing and receiving your certificate, you will automatically enroll in part-2 to take a deeper dive into the physiology and research.